Terry Weld for
Eau Claire City Council President

I truly believe that our roles as City Council Members and most importantly the role of City Council President should be non-partisan. The council president should lead our council, not steer it. I believe in common sense, supporting those you have entrusted and leading by example and at no time, put my initiatives and agendas before yours.


Bringing Eau Claire Together

As the next Eau Claire City Council President, I will continually work together with everyone from this great community with the following goals in mind.

Part 1 – Inclusiveness

My intentions regarding inclusiveness have several layers. First, to involve our neighborhoods in the discussions around city planning and initiatives that directly or indirectly affect them. My goal would be to help organize at least two new neighborhood associations over the next 12 months. Filling a void in areas presently that have yet been able to form their own association. Working together with both At-Large and District Council Members to help facilitate this goal. 

I would also like to meet with the neighborhood association leaders on a quarterly basis. Maintaining that line of communication between the residents, Eau Claire City Staff and City Council.

The other level of inclusiveness is making sure we leave no one behind. It would be beneficial to the community and City Council if we took the time to verify that our initiatives and actions are not at the expense of one segment of our community to aide another. There must be a balance for it to work and keeping that at the forefront would be my responsibility.

Part 2 - Fiscally Responsible

Simply put, we must be fiscally responsible to the citizens of Eau Claire; that means appreciating every public dollar earned and maximizing every public dollar spent. No easy task but certainly an expectation of the City Council. In this exciting and challenging time of revitalization in downtown and the attraction of new business, costs to maintain and operate the City are rising faster than our ability to increase revenues.  It is vital that as elected leaders we listen, learn and take our time during the budget process to get it right so that every citizen benefits from our decisions.

It is also important that we continue to be pro-active. Always working and planning for a better future. City Council must understand and accept that society is changing and the wants and needs of all age groups are evolving. From our young adults to baby boomers, we must meet their expectations if we are to continue enjoying this new growth and expansion in a responsible fashion.

Part 3 - Public/Private Partnerships

It is important that we continue to encourage the kind of public/private partnerships that have helped spearhead Eau Claire’s revitalization. It is not possible to make all of this happen with just tax dollars. Neighborhood associations, business districts, developers, local arts groups and a lot of philanthropic individuals have shown that partnership is possible. I appreciate all that they have contributed to enhance and encourage the city’s physical, cultural and healthy growth.

Parallel with these partnerships, I hope for us to be responsive to the needs of everyone in the community. As City Council President I will lead the development of plans that move beyond current growth, to a sustainable model that lifts all citizens. I consider it my fundamental responsibility to elevate the common good in partnership with everyone.

Part 4 – Infrastructure - Complete Streets & Walkability

With increased bicycle ridership and more pedestrians walking to their destination, meeting the needs of all users sharing the roads with motorists can be difficult. One way to help address this challenge is a model known as Complete Streets. A policy design that enables safe transportation access for all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transit. Complete Streets makes it easier to cross the street, walk to school, drive a vehicle or ride a bike to work.

I strongly support the Complete Street concept and will continue to support its implementation into Eau Claire’s infrastructure plan. The city has already begun this work with the addition of roundabouts, traffic calming measures, designated bike lanes and a reduction in the number or widths of traffic lanes. Each measure is designed to keep traffic moving in a safer environment while encouraging healthier communities, lowering transportation costs and providing alternative transportation options.

I also support working towards a walkable community. The terms “walkability” or “walk score” are concepts that go beyond just providing safe routes. A Walkable Community is about creating an environment that is friendly to all people living, shopping, visiting or enjoying time in an area.

Part 5 – Infrastructure/Future Planning


Planning for future growth is challenging but necessary. It is important that the city continues to be pro-active in this regard. One such challenge is the need for additional housing, which will soon push the city’s boundaries beyond its current service areas. Planning for arterial road ways, water and sewer service, schools, parks and amenities must be a part of today’s discussions. I will support the initiatives, creativity and the foresight that city staff has already implemented into future planning and will work with them to continue these efforts.  

Planning for growth within the city’s borders is equally as challenging. While the city must continue to maintain and update its streets, sidewalks, alleyways and utilities, policy makers must also prepare to respond to revitalization efforts like those downtown with policies that meet the needs of all residents. As Council President, I will support changes to zoning ordinances that reduce minimum lot size requirements, decrease residential parking requirements and support a change to building setbacks that better accommodate future needs in an affordable fashion.

Part 6 - Economic Development

As City Council President, my Economic Development goals will be driven by a long list of priorities;  retaining graduates from UW-Eau Claire and CVTC, and adding them to the current workforce; business and workforce retention; continued recruitment of new businesses and industry; utilizing the city’s Business Parks and Industrial Parks to their fullest potential; working to fill vacant retail buildings; continuing the current revitalization efforts downtown and around the city; and making every effort to encourage appropriate new development in neighborhoods throughout Eau Claire.

Working together, these efforts will create a healthy growing community.

My vision is ambitious -more employment opportunities and higher wages, ongoing and responsible revitalization of downtown and surrounding districts, and fewer vacant buildings with less blight. As a public sector leader, I will aim to produce a balanced community in which business development fills current voids in a proportionate distribution to the city’s population.

Part 7 – Transportation Modes

Transit continues to evolve in Eau Claire but critical issues remain. First on a list is city busing. It is important that we are patient and wait for the report of the latest Transit Study which is due out in just a few weeks. The report will provide transit planners a great deal of relevant information that will guide decisions in the right direction for the entire transit system. Some important issues to examine are, how to increase ridership, continued efficiency efforts, affordable fares, the placement and development of the new Transit Center, and greener transit.

Rail service is also important to this city. I am excited about the exploration of rail service in western Wisconsin underway by groups like the . I will work together with all stake holders including the West Central Wisconsin Rail Coalition to help facilitate this initiative.

The Chippewa Valley Regional Airport continues to see an increase in passengers flying in and out of the Chippewa Valley. As the demand grows, hopefully additional routes and destinations will come with it. I would like to see all flyers to originate every trip from Eau Claire.

Part 8 – Housing – Healthy and Affordable

The city is in a time when demand for healthy and affordable housing across a wide range of incomes and demographics exceeds the supply. We must act wisely to create the best approach to address this problem. As City Council President I will rely heavily on the joint housing study conducted by the cities of Eau Claire, Altoona and my 18+ years of real estate experience to help lead us together through this dynamic challenge.

My goals as City Council President are to help facilitate an investment in the right housing infrastructure and adopt zoning changes to create more housing for all people, including ways to help those experiencing homelessness. I will also seek out opportunities to improve the current housing stock such as the recent Tax Increment Finance District #12 and the formation of the not-for-profit Randall Park Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation. I will lead efforts to work together with developers, city staff and neighborhood associations to encourage new housing projects that meet the needs of everyone. Lastly, I will work together with the Eau Claire City-County Health Department in support of their efforts to ensure that all housing throughout the city is safe and healthy.

I truly believe that our roles as council members and most importantly the role of council president should be non-partisan. The council president should lead our council, not steer it. I believe in common sense, supporting those you have entrusted and leading by example and at no time, put my initiatives and agendas before yours.

I hope I can count on your vote on April 2nd.

Thank you.

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More about me and what I hope to accomplish.

If I am to be elected City Council President


I hope to encourage the development of more affordable housing and meet our growing demand.


That we are responsive to the needs of everyone in this community and leave no one behind.


That we continue to build and rely on the input from our neighborhoods helping them grow stronger and more inclusive.


That we work to maintain the successful and responsible growth we have enjoyed these past 10 years and the public/private partnerships that have helped spearhead it.


That we are fiscally responsible to the citizens of Eau Claire and appreciate every public dollar earned and maximize every public dollar spent.


I hope to finalize our work on providing affordable transit fares for families and individuals with low incomes, helping broaden their reach and access to healthy opportunities.


I hope to continue the work of insuring safer streets and walkways for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists and with that, continued efforts to make Eau Claire a walkable community.



A Commitment to Excellence

I have been a resident of the City of Eau Claire for 45 years. I graduated from North High School in 1979 and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I was in the hospitality business for 20 years and have enjoyed the past 18 years in Real Estate. I am married and together we have four children and two grandchildren.

I have been an At-Large City Council Member since April of 2017 and have served on numerous boards and commissions over the years including the Plan Commission, Waterways and Parks and Transit.


Some of The Issues At Hand

and What's Next


Healthy and Affordable

The demand for healthy and affordable housing is ever increasing with the growth we are experiencing here in Eau Claire. We need to be proactive in this regard to insure responsible development fitting the needs of all income and age groups.


For a Better Future

To service the demand of our economic growth will require a larger investment into our infra-structure. By expanding our water/sewer service area to create more housing and business opportunities, upgrading our roadways to insure they are safe and efficient and enhancing our transit system are essential to this growth.


Coming Together

Eau Claire is a great city filled with great people. I hope that we can continue to unite our neighborhoods and provide them with the amenities and services that they depend on. Active parks, safe streets, organized events and a walkable community is what is needed to insure the continued growth.


Economic Development

The Stakes are High

I hope that we can continue to be aggressive in recruiting new businesses and be creative, yet responsible with our incentives. Taking into consideration job creation, competitive wages and a variety of business models along with a commitment for community involvement from the future employers. As a Council and a Community, our role is also to provide the infrastructure to support this continued growth, to insure healthy and diverse housing, cultural attractions, safe and active neighborhoods and the labor force to support it all.

The Road Ahead

Where Do We Go Next

Downtown Eau Claire has changed dramatically as the city has focused attention and resources on its redevelopment. Next, we need to capitalize on our Cannery District investment and the development westward. Also increasing services and amenities on the North side to create balance, promoting alternative development for the large retail sites that currently sit empty and lastly, continued efforts to make Eau Claire a Walkable Community.

The Environment

What Are We Doing

The City Council recently approved a resolution to adopt recommendations of a report from the city’s Sustainability Advisory Committee to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and further pursue renewable energy options. 

Our goals are to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with targets of 5 percent by 2020 and additional incremental increases to 40 percent by 2050. We also hope to obtain 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. 

Solar Parks, Green Transit Systems and Walkability Planing are just a few ways we can achieve this.


Your Vote is Your Voice. 
Be Heard!

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